Inspiration from nowhere

Have you ever found a sense of acceptance from out of nowhere? Seeing someone smile or laugh at something made you want to do the same? Today, on my daily commute to the office I sat next to a random woman on the bus. She was tapping her foot at a rapid pace. You know the way you do when you are upset. She then pulled out a small booklet with 25 different articles. Each one saying to forgive, accept, allow God to defend you, etc. The one that stuck out to me was to forgive past hurts. I do not know about you but this is one of the hardest things for me to do. If I am wronged, I remember and hardly forgive. I am still pissed about something’s that happened over 10 years ago and I did not see anything wrong with it. As the years have gone on it became difficult for me to remember why I was pissed. It took so much energy to remember why and I had to force myself to remain upset.

 Here is why you should forgive your past hurts:

  1. It’s healthy to move on
  2. You feel relieved knowing that you let go
  3. Spending time and energy on something old is so pointless
  4. If you allow the past to hurt you in your future you are not allowing positivity in your life
  5. It’s time to give the pain away and seek pleasure

 That woman on the bus had no idea that her little booklet would help me get through today. She did not even know that I was reading over her shoulder. If I knew her I would say thank you for the inspiration you gave me out of nowhere.

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